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This loan scheme aims to empower full members of Biashara savings and credit society with affordable credit facility based on the cooperative model of savings, borrowing and repaying. A full member with savings of up to six months can access this facility. It is an easy borrowing and repayment scheme tailored to meet the needs of growing small and micro entrepreneur at affordable interest rate of twelve percent per annum.

Full members can access three times their savings in as short a period as between seven to thirty days from the hour of application. The repayment period is between six and thirty six months. An entrepreneur can remit repayments to any branch of the society front office or be served by accredited field officers on specified times from the business premises. A member can secure this facility with guarantors or fully charged collaterals.

It is this simple and affordable to grow your business with Biashara Savings and Credit society. Save more, borrow wisely and repay promptly and be proud of the business magic formula. Be a member today and see your business cruise in six months.


The turning point of a business enterprise towards success is its growth and development. Business success is measured by its ability to meat its goal, sustain itself and above all expand. The opportune moment for growth and expansion comes at an hour least expected. A wise entrepreneur knows how significant it is to take every opportunity on the way. The entrepreneur knows how to converge all the energy required for take off. The timing is of paramount importance, every minute counts and loss translates to loss of opportunities. Biashara development loan is a facility tailored to meet that financial aspect of the enterprise at the critical hour of greatest need. The facility is for associate members of the society crafted on the cooperative model of saving, borrowing and repaying at ease.

Associate members who have saved for a period of six months can access this easy and affordable facility. All that is required is to simply fix twenty percent of the amount required with the society, be guaranteed by associate members or provide fully charged collateral. It is that simple to secure a loan facility of between Kenya shillings one hundred thousands to three million, readily available in as short a period as between seven to thirty working days.

This facility is long term and payable with easy terms. Repayment can be remited between six and thirty six months with a friendly interest rate of twelve percent per annum.

Targeted specifically for women, one needs to open and operate a women empowerment account for 3 months.
  • Repayment period is 3 – 12 Months
  • Interest rate is 8% per annum on reducing balance
  • First loan is Kshs 5000 – 100,000

  • One qualifies for this loan after operating any account for three months
  • Loan is processed and given within a day
  • 5% Interest per month
  • Maximum loan given is Kshs 200,000
  • Maximum repayment period is 12 Months



This loan is given to assist in medical legal and other Emergencies

Loans are disbursed promptly



· It’s a top-up facility given to members with existing loans and good repayment records.

· Repayment period is 1 – 12 Months

  • Loan given for asset financing
  • One must operate a Beba accounts for six months
  • Loans given are three times your saving
  • Maximum repayment period is 6 – 36 months


  • Designed to facilitate the purchase of assets such as shamba/plots, Biashara sacco full membership entry, IPO Shares and any other well supported project
  • The shares bought act as security for other loans
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