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Core Values

Our services and operations are governed by a set of core values which constitute the desired organizational culture.  These values include among others:

  • God Fearing
  • Integrity:  We are committed to acting in an honest, accountable and transparent manner in all our undertakings
  • Ethical: We are committed to treating our customers with courtesy, respect, dignity, fairness and understanding.
  • Professionalism: We are committed to the highest levels of achievement obtainable through competence and pertinent skills.
  • Teamwork: The spirit of solidarity upon which  the society is built, drives us to embrace unit of purpose at the membership level and team work within the management for quality provision of services.
  • Stewardship: We are committed to make the most effective and efficient use of resources, financial, human and material at our disposal.
  • Continuous improvement: We are committed to setting and maintaining high standards through continuous improvement.
  • Confidentiality: We embrace the principle of confidentiality in service delivery.
  • Fidelity to law: We are committed to respecting the rule of law and upholding the Cooperative Act, rules and by-laws of the society.
  • Partnership: We are committed to establishing strategic partnerships with other industry players for the good of all our members.


"The Society has undertaken various broad based strategic initiatives which include; proactive risk management framework, controlled credit and operating costs, continuous investment towards enhanced technology platforms serving the expanding outreach of the Sacco along with continuous Human Resource development. These have enabled the society to circumvent around various challenges and post stable performance over the years.

Every accomplishment has been the fruit of our strategy for sustainable growth built on the pillars of scalable increases in the Sacco capital and the most up to date banking, financial and IT services.

I am proud that we created one of the most unique and loved brands in all our areas of operations by offering door-to-door services which has managed to win the hearts and confidence of our members.

Our real strength comes from our commitment to the society. We believe in growing our business while enhancing the lives of people everywhere we operate. At Biashara Sacco we believe that our business must touch people’s lives meaningfully by continuing to add value and create employment in every location we operate in and contribute to our employees, suppliers, partners and all stakeholders.

I would like to thank the Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, Management, Staff and our members for the good cohesion and loyalty shown over the years. We are proud of what we have achieved-but our best days lie ahead.
May God Bless you"
"Today I am delighted to be associated with Biashara Sacco as I have witnessed every step that has been made to bring it to where it is today.

I appreciate every effort made by all Members, Board of Directors, Management, and staff for pooling their resources to bring Biashara Sacco to this height. This is through boosting their shares, acquiring loans, good management in offering services which remain our objective and forms our income base.

To date, we have opened ten branches, two Satellite offices, and over 80 Agencies across seven counties and we have invested heavily in technology to ensure reliable, fast, and modern service delivery to our members. The Sacco appreciates the dynamism of technology and will keep evolving to match arising needs with relevant technological solutions to suit our ever-increasing membership.

I would like to thank the Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, Management, Staff and our members for their continued support and co-operation.

Long live Biashara Sacco


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Email: info@biasharasacco.co.ke

Tel: 061 2034206/ 0722557188

Mobile Banking

On your phone go to Mpesa Menu, go to payment, select Pay Bill, enter business no 400300, Account No enter your I.D number or Account number or member number, then enter the amount you want to send and that’s it!

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