BSSL_01_2017_2018 Supply and Delivery of Office Stationeries & Computer consumables

BSSL_02_2017_2018 Supply and Delivery offfice Furniture,fixtures & fittings

BSSL_03_2017_2018_ Supply and Delivery of Computer & Computer Accessories

BSSL_04_2017_2018 Supply and Delivery of Office Equipment including Safes Strong room doors Cabinets Bill counters Shredders

BSSL_05_2017_2018 Designing & Printing of Calendars brochures fliers magazines Caps Branded T-shirts Umbrellas Sign and Display boards.

BSSL_06_2017_2018 Provision of security and Guard Services

BSSL_07_2017_2018 Provision of Graphic designing and branding

BSSL_08_2017_2018 Provision of Legal and other related services

BSSL_09_2017_2018 Provision of Audit and Related services

BSSL_10_2017_2018 Provision of debt collection Repossession valuation & Auctioneer services

BSSL_11_2017_2018 Provision of Training and other Consultancy Services

BSSL_12(a)_2017_2018 Provision of General Insurance Services

 BSSL_12(b)_2017_2018 Provision of Medical Insurance Services

BSSL_12(c)_2017_2018 Provision of Group Life Insurance Services

BSSL_12(d)_2017_2018 Provision of Motor vehicle cycles Insurance Services

BSSL_13_2017_2018 Installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning Equipment

BSSL_14_2017_2018 Installation and maintenance of Power backup generators and batteries

BSSL_15_2017_2018 Installation and maintenance of Installation and Maintenance of LAN and WAN Equipment

BSSL_16_2017_2018 Installation and maintenance of CCTV systems Security alarms and electric fence

BSSL_17_2017_2018 Installation and maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment


BSSL_19_2017_2018 Repairs and Maintenance of Electrical Faults

BSSL_20_2017_2018 Repair and maintenance of Computers Office Machines and Equipments

BSSL_21_2017_2018 Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles and motorcycles

BSSL_22_2017_2018 Pre-qualification of Building Works Contractors

BSSL_23_2017_2018 Pre-qualification of Electrical works contractors

BSSL_24_2017_2018 Pre-qualification of Architectural works contractors