This loan scheme aims to empower full members of Biashara savings and credit society with affordable credit facility based on the cooperative model of savings, borrowing and repaying. A full member with savings of up to six months can access this facility. It is an easy borrowing and repayment scheme tailored to meet the needs of growing small and micro entrepreneur at affordable interest rate of twelve percent per annum.

Full members can access three times their savings in as short a period as between seven to thirty days from the hour of application. The repayment period is between six and thirty six months. An entrepreneur can remit repayments to any branch of the society front office or be served by accredited field officers on specified times from the business premises. A member can secure this facility with guarantors or fully charged collaterals.

It is this simple and affordable to grow your business with Biashara Savings and Credit society. Save more, borrow wisely and repay promptly and be proud of the business magic formula. Be a member today and see your business cruise in six months.

“I borrowed my husband an old fourteen seat matatu that was lying in our compound. He told me if I was able to make it move again he has given it to me. I was by then a member of Biashara savings and credit society and hand saved for more than six months. I applied for a loan of Kenya shillings two hundred thousands which were given in a short time of seven days. I spent the money with repairs of the vehicle and other permits. In three weeks the vehicle started working on short trips. From there I continued saving and repaying my normal loan. In one year I had saved half a million. I borrowed another normal loan of Kenya Shillings two hundred thousands. I managed to buy a better matatu for long distance travel. Today the two matatus are helping me to save and repay my loan. My husband is now proud of me and he has trust in my transport business. I can proudly say am now in transport business. My dream is to buy a big truck and venture into cargo transport. With Biashara savings and credit I know I will make it. I am a believer in the cooperative movement.” Regina Member