The turning point of a business enterprise towards success is its growth and development. Business success is measured by its ability to meat its goal, sustain itself and above all expand. The opportune moment for growth and expansion comes at an hour least expected. A wise entrepreneur knows how significant it is to take every opportunity on the way. The entrepreneur knows how to converge all the energy required for take off. The timing is of paramount importance, every minute counts and loss translates to loss of opportunities. Biashara development loan is a facility tailored to meet that financial aspect of the enterprise at the critical hour of greatest need. The facility is for associate members of the society crafted on the cooperative model of saving, borrowing and repaying at ease.

Associate members who have saved for a period of six months can access this easy and affordable facility. All that is required is to simply fix twenty percent of the amount required with the society, be guaranteed by associate members or provide fully charged collateral. It is that simple to secure a loan facility of between Kenya shillings one hundred thousands to three million, readily available in as short a period as between seven to thirty working days.

This facility is long term and payable with easy terms. Repayment can be remited between six and thirty six months with a friendly interest rate of twelve percent per annum.