Customer Service Charter

This Customer Service Charter has been prepared in the light of the society’s responsiveness to current progressive trends in business and an earnest desire for optimal planning and management practices.  The challenge to be customer friendly, uphold best practice to meet customer expectations and the felt need to grow and uniquely reflect that growth while meeting market demands.  The purpose of the charter is therefore twofold.  On one hand, it intends to create awareness and be a constant reminder to the customer, and members of the vision, mission, mandate, core values and commitment to service delivery.


On the other hand, it is to reawaken customer expectations on the products and services on offer, while constantly urging the customer to proactively challenge the management and staff to keep up with emerging trends in financial services sector.  The charter therefore stands out as a profound commitment of the society deliver highest standards of services, and  best practice, in order to provide value for money to the customer.

It details arrangements in place for a more proactive and value based approach to doing business in a changing environment.  It invites both the customer, management and staff to a win-win situation that guarantees a healthy relationship and productive quality service.